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Wearing my heart on my sleeve, but not in my clasroom

Stanley Fish’s recent editorial on the right of faculty to wear campaign buttons at work has me thinking. Having just finished a unit on political propaganda in my freshman composition course at the university where I teach, I am keenly … Continue reading

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These high heels pinch a bit: Sarah Palin as a ‘class act’?

On a recent Tuesday morning, reporting from a Rotary Club function in Wellington, Nevada, NPR’s Ina Jaffe played a comment from Julie Costo, a McCain supporter who remarked that she was excited when McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running … Continue reading

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Student Quote of the Day

The question: What did you improve on between the last essay and this one? Student’s answer (as written on the back of his essay): “I think just being able to write an essay has gotten easier since I started being … Continue reading

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Local man who plagiarizes personals ad deemed ‘total loser’ by victim’s friends

As a woman who now and again delves into the world of online dating, I have endured my fair share of Craigslist creepiness. There were the men who responded to my ad with emails containing pictures of their naked butt … Continue reading

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Clicks and the single girl: the perils and peculiarities of online dating

I pull up a chair and brace myself for another half hour of checking my matches on I’ve come to think of this process as my “nightly round of rejecting” because I always seem to rate my matches as … Continue reading

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