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Concerted Effort: Whose fault is it when kids just want to “get by”?

Because I am a writing instructor, I grade my students’ essays by assessing how well they fulfill their purpose in their paper; in other words, I grade the actual writing: Do they have enough content? Is the content relevant to their thesis? Is the paper organized so that a reader can understand how the points made relate to one another? Is the style indicative of a college-level writer? To grade on effort when there are problems at every one of these levels would, to my mind, be irresponsible. But over and over again, students ask, “Couldn’t I at least get a grade for trying so hard?” Continue reading

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If that’s an accordion in your hand, I’m not happy to see you.

Among the things I’m most grateful for is my cute little apartment in a district near Golden Gate Park, in the beautiful city of San Francisco. One of the things I’m least grateful for is the older man who at … Continue reading

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Student Quote of the Day

From a research paper exploring how the news media covers the topic of sex ed. in schools: “The coverage is biased right from the gecko.” Y’know, I never did trust that insurance-pimping lizard.

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A Possible Bridge to Somewhere

I am just one of many people who has been captivated by the “52 to 48 Project” on, where people contribute picture messages addressed to the Americans who didn’t vote for “their guy” on Nov. 4. Many of the … Continue reading

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