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The Real Casualties of the “Mommy Wars”

Hanna Rosin’s recent article, “The Case Against Breast-Feeding,” has, predictably, garnered a variety of attention and created plenty of controversy. In the article, Rosin recounts her own (largely successful) experiences with breast-feeding, while also documenting the often fanatical messages espoused by the “Breast is Best” devotees. Rosin’s article is incredibly comprehensive and thoroughly-researched, yet at its core is a sentiment far more important than the scientific research and motherly testimony Rosin provides… Continue reading

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Talkin’ ’bout my reputation: On the Media’s Bob Garfield suffers an ‘inhibition effect’ in recent interview with Yelp co-founder

Bob Garfield’s recent interview with Yelp co-founder Jeremy Stoppleman sounded less like an interview and more like an on-air promo piece for the popular online review site. Continue reading

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Front Burner, Episode Two: Springing Forward with Lavender and Honey Shortbread

A recipe for Lavender and Honey Shortbread that will have the most skeptical eaters asking for more. Continue reading

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On the Wrong Side of Right: Why Meghan McCain is more hot air than fresh air

Last Wednesday, Rachel Maddow welcomed Meghan McCain on the set of her show for an interview in which Maddow questioned Ms. McCain about her potential role as a new and “fresh” spokesperson for the Republican party. With Michael Steele continuing … Continue reading

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Front Burner Episode One: What’s cooking in verbal cupcake’s kitchen

Far more often than writing reviews of an actual recipe, people seem to use the “recipe review” function on food websites to write about their own version of a given dish, often with long lists of ingredient substitutions and changes in method that would greatly affect the final product. “I loved this recipe,” someone might write, adding, “But instead of baking the banana bread, I whipped the batter extra long and served it as a mousse.” Or someone else will say, “My husband loved this. I swapped out the raisins for goat cheese and added jalapenos instead of walnuts. It was a hit!” Continue reading

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Jobless 2.0: LaidOffCamp is a working vacation for the unemployed

LaidOffCamp, an “unconference” for the unemployed, the underemployed, and the “I’m employed, but there’s gotta be something better out there,” was launched by Chris Hutchins, who put the event together in a matter of weeks and in doing so managed to assemble a gathering of smart, interesting, skilled people who brought a life and an energy to the day that made joblessness feel almost fun. Continue reading

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