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NPR’s On the Media offers up food for thought as they show “how the media sausage is made”

On the Media is simply the best program on radio today, and because of that, I could easily identify at least twenty segments that fall into my “favorites” category. Some of these favorites (like the March 2008 show devoted to deconstructing five years of Iraq war coverage) would fit the bill because they remind us of the importance of the press in a democratic society. Others, like Bob Garfield’s commentary, “I’ll Shoe You,” which aired last December, are notable for the fact that they poignantly give voice to the frustration so many people feel when the media collectively misses the point in a particularly significant story. Continue reading

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Front Burner #4: Risotto with Spring Vegetables and Smoked Ham

Risotto is one of those dishes that takes practice; you have to make it a few times before you feel like you have it down, but it is definitely a skill worth cultivating. It’s economical and oh so comforting; and if you’re a fan of leftovers, as I am, you can make a big pot of it and reheat it in the microwave throughout the rest of the week. Continue reading

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Front Burner #3: Strawberry-Almond Cream Tart

Strawberry-Almond Cream Tart from Cooking Light magazine: The graham cracker crust lends a great crunchy texture paired with the almond-scented cream and luscious topping of strawberries. You may be inclined to regard the toasted sliced almonds as purely decorative and therefore not “necessary,” but it takes no time at all to toast them (and only a few minutes to rim the tart with them), and they add that wonderful, toasty, nutty element that cuts through the sweetness of the cream. Sometimes it’s the littlest details that elevate a dish from pretty good to total standout, and I think the almonds are that detail in this recipe.
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San Franciscans would face better odds waiting for Godot than waiting for Muni improvements.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will be cutting–or in some cases, even eliminating–service to nearly half of Muni’s presently operating lines.

To no surprise, the news left Muni riders feeling frustrated and disappointed, and the announcement was particularly aggravating to the thousands of citizens who participated last year in Muni’s “Transit Effectiveness Project” (TEP), a year-long examination of Muni service that included rider input in making San Francisco’s public transit system more efficient, effective, and comfortable for everyone who uses it. Continue reading

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