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Food Network Challenge: A Very Special Olympics

Lately I’ve become obsessed with Food Network Challenge, a televised weekly food battle that features bravado, trash-talking and excessive compensation–it’s like professional sports, only without the face-painting and lame halftime shenanigans.

The challenges run the gamut, from best burgers to top tailgate fare, but I’ve found that I’m particularly enamored by the cake-related challenges, partly because of the unabashed absurdity underlying the “challenges,” and partly because sexy cake decorator Jason Ellis doesn’t appear on Food Network Challenge: Chili Cookoff or Food Network Challenge: Extreme BBQ. Ellis is as hilarious and charming as he is cute; it’s an irresistible combination. Continue reading

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Budget-conscious Bliss: The Sweet-tooths take San Francisco

A couple of weekends ago, three friends and I spent our Saturday afternoon on a “Dessert Crawl,” an event that was part tea party, part walking tour of San Francisco’s Mission District.

The idea for the crawl was born on Facebook, when various people were offering a friend recommendations for good places to go for dessert. As different folks chimed in with suggestions for my friend Katie, another friend, Frances, remarked, “Dessert crawl!”, and because we all recognized what a lovely thing such an event would be, we immediately commenced planning Dessert Crawl #1. Continue reading

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