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California Grown

The citrus at my farmer’s market right now is downright glorious: the oranges and lemons are at the peak of their season, full of flavor and heavy with juice. So of course, I’m buying a lot of both, as I did today. When I got home and put the fruit into my fruit bowl, I could not resist taking a photo. The colors are so deep and bright, a wonderful counterpoint to the clouds that began gathering outside. Continue reading

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I’m not exactly sure why, but there is something irresistible to me about lemons.  When they become so abundant that they seem to take over the farmer’s market, I load up on them and make as many lemon desserts as … Continue reading

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MTV’s Baby Mama Drama: 16 and Pregnant‘s Second Season Is Thus Far a Labor of Loathe

The new season of the MTV program 16 and Pregnant is two episodes old now, and what a bleak season it is. Last week’s episode brought us Jenelle, a whiny, obnoxious, insufferable girl who–as her mom pointed out–treats her newborn baby “like a dog or a cat,” leaving him at home whenever she feels the urge to go out with her friends (which, by the way, is all the time, beginning a mere three days after giving birth). Continue reading

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My (Mostly) Unprocessed Life

Since the year began, I have been trying to eat as little processed food as possible. My decision is the result of a variety of concerns–concerns about what processed food could be doing to my health, and concerns over the environmental impact of the production. And truth be told, Michael Pollan’s books The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food went a long way toward convincing me that whole foods are the way to go. Continue reading

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