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San Francisco Spring: The Raw & the Cultivated

Spring has arrived in San Francisco, an explosion of color interrupted at times by rainstorms and gray skies. This slideshow is a celebration of both sides of spring: pre-storm clouds along the rugged, expansive coastline and the bright, sunlit flowers of the Strybing Arboretum and the Japanese Tea Garden. The Tea Garden may, to most San Franciscans, be a place for tourists, but I love it there; even when crowded with visitors, it manages to offer a sense of seclusion, a communion with blossoms and beauty–a welcome respite from days filled with buses and busy streets. Continue reading

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I refuse to see Alaska from my house.

If the information available in my Facebook Home feed is any indication of the cultural zeitgeist (and who am I to argue that that it isn’t?), then I must conclude that what people are most panicked about lately is the news that Sarah Palin will have her own reality show on TLC (The Learning Channel). Because we now protest things by “fanning” certain slogans or joining groups on Facebook, activists were quick to note their disapproval of TLC’s decision by joining, “I Will Boycott Any Company that Sponsors the TLC Show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Continue reading

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