San Francisco Spring: The Raw & the Cultivated

Spring has arrived in San Francisco, an explosion of color interrupted at times by rainstorms and gray skies.  This slideshow is a celebration of both sides of spring: pre-storm clouds along the rugged, expansive coastline and the bright, sunlit flowers of the Strybing Arboretum and the Japanese Tea Garden.  The Tea Garden may, to most San Franciscans, be a place for tourists, but I love it there; even when crowded with visitors, it manages to offer a sense of seclusion, a communion with blossoms and beauty–a welcome respite from days spent navigating the city’s crowded, busy streets.

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About Sarah

Grammar goddess, cultural critic, full-time media junkie. I read, I bake, I watch tv. And then I write about it.
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2 Responses to San Francisco Spring: The Raw & the Cultivated

  1. sdreader says:

    Beautiful slideshow! Did you take the pictures? They are incredible.

    • verbalcupcake says:

      Thanks! Yes, I took them all. I especially like the ones of the coast; I did that same hike just yesterday, actually. It’s so gorgeous! I love living near the Presidio.

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