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And…now I am on tumblr, too.

I’m trying to be more short form, so if you’re hungry for shorter posts inspired by the free time I have during this, the summer of my unemployment, visit my tumblr, “Lesser Pursuits.” Advertisements

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Like George Costanza, I’m Trying to End on a High Note

As rewarding as it can be to have one of the “difficult” students turn around and start taking herself, the material, and you seriously, the journey to that point is mostly just exhausting. Whereas in my first few years of teaching I couldn’t wait to go to work everyday, I now just feel drained most of the time. Oddly, though, my students don’t seem to have noticed: My most recent rating on Rate My Professor notes that I am (apparently) “always perky and nice.” My friend explained why this might be the case in an email to me the other day. She wrote, “You are a teacher at heart, my dear. Which is not to say that you are fated to live the life of a teacher, but you do love your students and what you do.” Continue reading

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