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‘Free of other people’s inventions’–A case for diversity–not ‘objectivity’ in the newsroom

The quote is on my mind now because I am thinking about diversity. And bias. And the places where we get our information. An ongoing debate among citizens and journalists alike concerns whether or not we should–or even can–expect “objectivity” from those charged with the responsibility of delivering to us the world’s news. One camp (and for the sake of full disclosure, I should say that this camp is the one that I reside in) argues that “objectivity” is a myth–no news coverage can be stripped of all possible slant, and that fact in and of itself does not make slanted coverage immediately irresponsible or unreliable. Those on the other side of the debate disagree, arguing that “objective” journalism is both possible and necessary for democracy; only with objective journalism can citizens come to their own conclusions about the issues and events of the day. Continue reading

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