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‘Free of other people’s inventions’–A case for diversity–not ‘objectivity’ in the newsroom

The quote is on my mind now because I am thinking about diversity. And bias. And the places where we get our information. An ongoing debate among citizens and journalists alike concerns whether or not we should–or even can–expect “objectivity” from those charged with the responsibility of delivering to us the world’s news. One camp (and for the sake of full disclosure, I should say that this camp is the one that I reside in) argues that “objectivity” is a myth–no news coverage can be stripped of all possible slant, and that fact in and of itself does not make slanted coverage immediately irresponsible or unreliable. Those on the other side of the debate disagree, arguing that “objective” journalism is both possible and necessary for democracy; only with objective journalism can citizens come to their own conclusions about the issues and events of the day. Continue reading

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Emily Bazelon tries to explain ‘What really happened to Phoebe Prince,’ but finds many readers don’t trust her account

Emily Bazelon’s recent series of articles for Slate seeks to answer the question: “What really happened to Phoebe Prince?”. In her series, Bazelon offers readers a far more nuanced look at Phoebe Prince and the students who bullied her than readers got from most of the other media outlets that covered the story of Prince’s suicide. Readers learn from the first article in Bazelon’s series that Phoebe had been troubled long before she was bullied by classmates at South Hadley High–long before, in fact, she had even left Ireland, the country where she was born and raised. Continue reading

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Imperfect Pitch: Men, Women, and the Art of Selling Ourselves

Because right now I am both looking for a job and spending time on, I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between how people “sell themselves.” And, in fact, one of the things that has made the experience so frustrating for me is the frequency with which men “pitch” themselves in the same manner in which Sicha describes in his blog post. Continue reading

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When D-Bags Attack: The Citibank ‘Hot Girl’ Firing

This past Tuesday, the Village Voice asked, “Is This Woman Too Hot to Be a Banker?” The article tells the story of Debrahlee Lorenzana, a woman who alleges that Citibank fired her for her being too sexxy hott. I don’t … Continue reading

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‘The Poetry of Nobody Home’: Craigslist’s Missed Connections

I think most everyone has checked “Missed Connections” at least once or twice–if for no other reason than to see what it’s about. I’m a more frequent visitor to that section than most; though I don’t check it every day, I read it regularly–not to see if anyone’s posted a message for me, but because I like the messages on their own for the kind of artifacts they are: snapshots of a fantasy in progress, a printed record of an encounter so striking that the writer has imbued it with a cosmic significance. Continue reading

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I refuse to see Alaska from my house.

If the information available in my Facebook Home feed is any indication of the cultural zeitgeist (and who am I to argue that that it isn’t?), then I must conclude that what people are most panicked about lately is the news that Sarah Palin will have her own reality show on TLC (The Learning Channel). Because we now protest things by “fanning” certain slogans or joining groups on Facebook, activists were quick to note their disapproval of TLC’s decision by joining, “I Will Boycott Any Company that Sponsors the TLC Show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Continue reading

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MTV’s Baby Mama Drama: 16 and Pregnant‘s Second Season Is Thus Far a Labor of Loathe

The new season of the MTV program 16 and Pregnant is two episodes old now, and what a bleak season it is. Last week’s episode brought us Jenelle, a whiny, obnoxious, insufferable girl who–as her mom pointed out–treats her newborn baby “like a dog or a cat,” leaving him at home whenever she feels the urge to go out with her friends (which, by the way, is all the time, beginning a mere three days after giving birth). Continue reading

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